Fleming Island Youth Sports Association – FIYSA is the new & exclusive Pop Warner youth tackle football & cheer program serving the residents and student athletes ages 5-14 yrs in the Fleming Island, Florida area.

Often spelled dreadnought, it’s origin literally means FEAR NOTHING¬†
and is also described as something that is one of the largest & most powerful of its kind.
The HMS Dreadnaught was a revolutionary World War I battleship built for the British Royal Navy in 1906.
She brought such an advance in naval technology that its name came to be associated with an entire generation of battleships not only in Britain, but other countries, too. The Dreadnaught¬†was known for being the fastest battleship of the times and the use of an “all big guns” armament scheme made it a national symbol of power. The United States built several Dreadnaught battleships including the USS Florida. The only surviving American Dreadnaught is the USS Texas which is now a museum near Houston. When the USS Florida was decommissioned, it’s one ton bell was given to the University of Florida and they used it to ring after touchdowns during games temporarily. The bell is now on display in the Museum of Florida History.


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